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Taknia systems

It is a leading company in the software and information technology industry in the Egypt. It has a strong team of specialists and experts to produce software packages and Internet services to help enhance services with the latest advanced and emerging trends. Taknia Systems provides innovative and integrated solutions by providing its services to all companies and small, medium and global businesses.

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A training schedule for the client is carried out.

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Integrated and specialized comprehensive accounting software

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What our CLients Say About us

I would like to thank the technical support team of Taknia Systems, I have been communicating with them since 2011. My supervisors anywhere in their spirit are a continuous team. The team communicates with me via the Internet by phone and in field visits. I thank the work team, a successful administration that helped me a lot since 2011 with efficiency and safety. Management has to choose the work team under a conscious and respectful management

Mr \ Mostafa Zahran Food & Beverage Manager

With thanks to Taknia Systems, the Account Pedia program and all the engineers responsible for the program because it offers us many facilities with accountants and a program that is more than outstanding, more than wonderful.

Mr \ Mohamed Shaban Manager

I made Pedia one of the best accounting software that I relied on completely in my work and it facilitated many things with a distinguished support team. Thank you

Mr. Ahmed Abdel Qader Financial Accountant - Fertilizer Company