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Warehouse and procurement management system

Dividing items into a number of levels for easy extraction of reports at any level

The possibility of using the ready-made barcode or printing a barcode for the item.

Issuing purchase invoices using barcodes.

Issuance of exchange documents

The possibility of registering aggregated items containing raw materials and components in (operating states)

Existence of inventory control with minimum and maximum standards and demand limit

The possibility of creating more than one store

Ease of item inventory, whether manual inventory or device inventory Data Collector

It is possible to create any additional number of inventory movements and control their impact on inventory and accounting guidance.

Extracting reports of goods balances

Extracting reports of the value of the goods

Extracting the item card to follow up all the movements of the warehouse item

Extracting reports of spent items

Warning messages of items that have reached the demand limit

Monitoring all exchange and addition movements with a follow-up system

Extracting analytical reports of exchange and addition movements

Register the list of suppliers.

Registration of contract agreements with suppliers

Registration of purchase orders.

Issuing purchase invoices

Registration of supplier price lists

Extracting the procurement report from a supplier, and there are many parameters for selection.

Extracting a detailed account statement for the supplier

Extracting purchase reports with invoices and items

The possibility of downloading the purchase invoice with shipping and delivery expenses

Extract the supplier's account statement

Many analytical and total reports for purchases