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// Odoo Restaurant

The best accounting program for managing restaurants and cafes

All the stages that the restaurant management goes through, starting from purchasing the raw materials that make up the dishes and entering the costs of the ingredients of the dish from raw materials to selling:

• Management of floors and tables

• Takeaway

• Home delivery

• A complete module for the manufacture of meals

• Sales (direct, deferred, visa, …)

• Purchases

• Items, groups and their modifications

• Using the system of alternative meals and items

• Manage stores and inventory

Manufacturing management

• Management of operating departments (kitchen, bar, hookah...etc)

• A screen for the kitchen showing meal timing and order notes

• Speed of response with tablets and iPads

• Dealing easily with waiters requests and linking them to more than one cashier

• Synchronizing the order between the cashier and the waiter

• Customer screen for evaluation and recording of his data

Offers and discounts screen

Table reservation system

• The delivery system and pilots, and the possibility of closing the order through the captain's device

• Special screen for delivery requests

• Loyalty program and points system

• Gift coupon system

Offers system

• Product return system during validity days

• Message system and instant notes on the request

• Shift lock and cache control

• Dealing with combo products

• Dealing with requests with different variables

• Set product validity days

• Quick cash payment with one click

• system dealing with the tip

• Linking product sections with kitchen printers

• Cashier printer and drawer opening

• Login with RFID

• Easy setup on the POS screen or a regular device

• Multiple reports

• Saudi Electronic Invoice

• POS chart display report

• Point of sale report

• Today's sale report

• Sales summary

• Orders summary

• Products summary

• Payment summary

• Audit session and inventory report

• Product expiry report

• Supplier report

• General ledger report

• Trial Balance

• balance sheet

• Profit / loss report

• Old age payable

• Old receivable

• Tax report

• Non-moving inventory report

And many other reports and features