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Web design and web site creation


At Thalatheq we design web sites and create various websites. We also offer mobile application design and programming with the latest coding languages and programming compatible with different browsers. We also design professional designs with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc ... because of its long-term impact if the customer decides to create and advertise the site for search engines to appear in the first results in the words related to the product or services (SEO - SEM ... etc). Thus saving some parts of programming or design and causing loss of time and money. Our design team takes into account the nature of the product or service offered on the site to be designed. Creating Different Web Sites P: Web Design Tourism companies differ from real estate design sites. It also differs from a store design about blogging design and so on. Each area has specific programming and coding needs, affecting its web design and e-marketing.

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Advantages of web design and website creation

We offer web design: Unique in content. Easy to navigate in terms of content. Flexible in use in terms of service delivery. Attractive appearance to design the site as you like to see it as it should be.

Identity Design

We do:

Create web sites, design web sites and design the full identity of your company.

Designing a shop or designing a forest with all its logos, logos, publications and banners.

Web page designs, marketing banners, and advertising designs on Visual Media.

As well as all the tools you need with the best software, the latest technology and the best designs.

Responsive design

Our website design ensures you the best performance, flexibility and responsiveness to automatically fit with all devices, mobiles, screens and computers. .

Modern design

Creating our web sites with innovation and innovation. Every design we implement is a challenge to a new design and a story we live in.

Consistency of colors

The design team of the company start to choose the appropriate colors for your site and your project in scientific ways considered to match your identity and the nature of your work.

Use ui / ux design

Our web design and programming team uses state-of-the-art user interface design techniques to keep pace with the best international companies. .

Objectives of website creation and web design

1 - Delivery of a message: propaganda - political - medical - religious and others. 2 - Improving the image of work: Even the smallest business can have a presence in front of the largest companies. 3 - Increase the productivity of work: by answering answers to common questions and frequent work on the site. 4 - Create a renewable information message always and easy to update without the need for papers or inks or presses and others. 5 - The cost of the site: The cost of tracking and updating the site is relatively small and can be tolerated compared to what is paid for other means of advertising. 6. Using e-mail: Sending a message to 100 customers together at a lower cost than sending a message to one customer by regular mail. 7 - Promotion of work around the clock: There is no other media that offers this offer and this flexibility. 8- Doing business online and buying and selling via credit cards. 9 - Receive information from other sites for similar work and provide new and compare prices and specifications easily. 10 - Create a continuous service 24 hours.

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