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The system that provides you with all solutions for project management
Monitoring actual costs and comparing them to standards
In addition to following up on overdue and overdue payments
Issuing extracts, whether to the employer or to subcontractors
Complete management of cost centers
Monitor profits and losses
Description and analysis of systems compatible with the customer's desire and in accordance with his multiple activities
Cooperation in development with the client to connect to a common interest
Commitment to contracts and conditions concluded with the client to ensure continuity, quality of work and creativity
Harnessing the vast amount of data and information for decision-making to ensure the accuracy of the decision
Training employees to allow them to benefit from time and effort

A system that works efficiently in the management of construction companies and is responsible for
- Comparing actual costs with standard ones according to business items
Calculate the positive and negative deviation
- Reports (the daily movement of workers by the hour or meters ... etc. - operating machines - project profitability - due payments - late payments - follow up on project completion)
Allowing to skip the payment or not allowing according to the payment dates (according to the time period - according to the achievement)
Subcontractors' extracts
Cost centers
Expenses and revenues
Material Registration
Recording business items
Establishing the accounting guide and the main accounts for cost centers
Initial inventory of raw materials and opening entries
Create a contract form
Contract creation
Project preview data
Contractor data registration
Recording project data, project phases, business items and payments
Enter the estimated costs of the project
Disbursement of raw materials for the project
Direct purchase on the project
Create an abstract of the executed works
Create an invoice for the work done
Receipt of payment from the project
Project account statement reports
Cost center professor reports
Project cost center balances reports

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