Electronic Invoice Program


Electronic Invoice Program

To keep pace with the digital transformation of the Egyptian tax system and the Saudi Zakat, Income and Tax Authority

We provide you with the Account Pedia program that will support your business with the electronic invoice system

Which is a special system for commercial transactions using information technology to convert invoices to electronic copies recognized in the transactions of the tax authority

Electronic bills include:

  • Coding items with the GPC code
  • Coding units, tax items, customer and supplier data, sales and purchase transactions, and financial instruments.
  • Send invoices to the tax authority with one click
  • Support the QR code, according to the requirements of the Saudi Zakat and Tax Authority
  • Issuance of sales invoice
  • Receipt of a purchase invoice
  • Issuing an addition or discount notice

  • Who will help you?
  • Improve your tax position and classify your company among low-risk companies
  • Ensure that the data issued to your customers and those issued to suppliers are correct
  • Reducing the administrative burden and reducing the increase in employment with the abolition of paper transactions
  • Reducing the procedures for the tax examination process, which is done remotely
  • Ease of preparing and submitting your tax return, in addition to facilitating and accelerating tax responses and tax settlements
  • It will protect your company from dealing with fictitious companies

The account management program #Account_pedia is equipped with all the requirements of the electronic invoice, which will help you manage your entire business

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