1- The possibility of distributing employees to branches, departments and sectors

2- The possibility of controlling the construction of all basic data with the utmost flexibility as needed, such as
Master jobs - master qualifications - estimates - financial degrees - follow-up bodies - types of vacations - types of allowances - types of incentives. .etc
4- Opening a file for each employee that contains:
a. Personal data - contact data - employee job data
b. Data of the employee's family members
c. Employee financial statements
d. Employee contracts data and follow-up
e. Recording all employee documents, attaching copies of documents, and following them up
f. Data of employee qualifications and attach a copy of the qualification
3- Full control over the creation of the following regulations for the flexibility of assigning systems to employees according to contracts and work regulations, without conflicting with the general labor law
a. List of extras and incentives
b. Sanctions List
c. List of insurances and taxes
d. Holidays list
e. Termination List
4- The predecessors of the workers
a. Recording employee advances and determining premiums
b. Automated collection of advances collected and automated payments can be controlled.
5- Incentives, grants and rewards
a. The possibility of classifying incentives, grants and rewards according to the organization's system and the general labor law
b. The possibility of linking incentives to vacations and penalties
c. Control the disbursement of incentives and bonuses separate from salaries
6- Leaves for employees
a. Possibility of classifying employees’ leave such as (regular - casual - sick - Hajj and Umrah ... etc.)
b. The possibility of creating a list of vacations for each type and distributing these lists to employees
c. Automatic balance of vacations at the beginning of each year
d. Control whether or not to carry over the remaining balance of the employee according to the regulation
e. Employee leave card
f. Recording vacation documents of all kinds with linking them to the balance
g. Extracting a return notice from vacation

7- Sanctions:
a. Create a list of penalties and classify penalties according to the work system - worker behavior - working hours
b. The possibility of determining the value of the penalty according to the number of repetition of the penalty
c. Extracting documents of sanctions and warnings
8- Salaries:
a. Flexibility in determining the salary of the employee’s first appointment, the basic salary, and the prescribed periodic bonuses
b. The possibility of recording the discounts scheduled for the employee and the planned increases
c. The possibility of linking any kind of allowances to salaries, such as (transport allowance - food allowance - infection allowance..etc)
d. Calculation of salaries, whether monthly salaries or salaries during a period of daily employment

9- Promotions:
a. Create employee entertainment document
10- Extracting identification documents:
a. Introduction to the employee
b. Definition of salary

11- Attending and leaving:
a. Establishing more than one system for attendance and departure appointments
b. The possibility of distributing attendance and departure systems to employees
c. Control the limits of delay and overtime
d. The possibility of linking the system with the attendance devices
e. Extracting the daily attendance and departure sheet
f. Reports of absences, delays and overtime
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