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Inventory and Purchasing Management System

Inventory and Purchasing Management System


Inventory and Purchasing Management System

1- Dividing the items into a number of levels for easy extraction of reports at any level
2- The possibility of using the ready-made barcode or printing a barcode for the item.
3- Issuing purchase invoices using barcodes.
4- Issuance of exchange documents
5- The possibility of registering grouped items containing raw materials and components in (operating cases)
6- Existence of stock control with minimum and maximum standards and limit demand
7- The possibility of creating more than one store
8- Ease of inventorying items, whether manual inventory or data collector inventory
9- It is possible to create any additional number of inventory movements and control their impact on inventory and accounting guidance.
10- Extracting reports on merchandise balances
11- Extracting reports on the value of the goods
12- Extracting the item card to follow all the movements of the stock item
13- Extracting reports on the items spent 14- Warning messages for items that have reached the limit of demand
15- Monitoring all exchange and addition movements in the follow-up system
16- Extracting analytical reports for exchange and addition movements
17- Registering a list of suppliers.
18- Registration of contracting agreements with suppliers
19 - Registration of purchase orders.
20- Issuance of purchase invoices
21- Registering supplier price lists
22 - Extracting the purchase report from a supplier, and there are many determinants to choose.
23- Extracting a detailed account statement for the supplier
24- Extracting purchase reports with invoices and items
25- The possibility of charging the purchase invoice with shipping and delivery costs
26- Extracting the supplier’s account statement
27- Many analytical and total reports of purchases 

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