Medical Centers & Clinics Management System


Medical Centers & Clinics Management System

The medical center management system is one of the best and easiest ways to manage clinics, hospitals, analysis centers, radiology and medical centers in all their specialties. Therefore, the clinics management program is the perfect solution to help you organize medical, administrative and financial movements within your clinic or medical center.
Where the clinic management program helps the doctor to manage his private clinic himself, in a simple and easy way away from the many complications and details, and in order to save the time used for registration because it is characterized by ease of use and installation, where most of the clinic program is dealt with using the mouse and the program does not need computers with high specifications.

First: the reception system: it contains
1- Patient data registration
2- Recording the name in Arabic and English for the patient
3- Dividing the auditors into categories (individuals - companies ... etc.)
4- Connecting patients with company data
5- Barcode printing for references
6- Print the reference card
7- Register clinics data
8- Recording services data and prices
9- Recording billing data.
10- Recording the details of the arrest warrants.
11- Recording settlement data
12- Reservations
13- Reports
Detailed daily income statement
- Total daily income statement
Doctors' revenue report
Patient data report
Patient statement
Patient balance sheet

Second: Laboratory management system: It contains:
1- Recording and coding tests
2- Extracting technical reports and patient analysis results
3- Linking the extraction of reports to payment
4- The possibility of coding tests and controlling their elements by the administration
5- Extraction of statistical reports for analyzes according to ages, cases and categories of patients

Third: Clinics management system: It contains:
1- A reception screen for patients with the waiting number
2- Recording the patient's prescription and the patient's medical data
3- Transfer to the laboratory
4- Extracting the patient's medical file
5- The possibility of making a temporary hold
6- The possibility of creating a patient invoice directly

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