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Real Estate investment system

Real Estate investment system


Real Estate investment system

real estate investment system


Specialized system to serve real estate companies
It contains the following features

Entering project data and determining a cost center for each project
Pay all project expenses
Establishment of warehouses for used materials
Purchase invoices can be created directly on the project
Extracting account statements for each project to know the revenue expenditure for each project
Compare the standard costs to the actual for each project
Enter shareholder data and determine the percentage of each shareholder with each project
Extracting a statement for each shareholder of the number and value of shares
Possibility to issue exchange bonds to shareholders and cash receipt vouchers from shareholders
Extracting a statement showing the profits due to each shareholder on each project
Enter the names of sales representatives and know the sales of each sales representative (you can also choose a project, building, or period during the request for the report)
Record customer data and details for each of them
Recording the installments data, their number and dates, and linking them to each unit and each customer
Recording the installment payments and showing the program for all the installments due for collection with the possibility of choosing the installment that will be paid manually; It is also possible to pay more than one installment with one receipt
Sales returns affect the discount in everything related to the unit, and the money can be returned to the customer in batches
Arafa sales agent or representative during the period and the proceeds from his sales.
A detailed report for each client during any period
Customer arrears report
Sales reports (building or project) with the possibility of choosing the date of a specific period
Total sales report for all projects
Report of returns during any period
Report of the types of payments and the value of the amounts received from each type of payments
The previous report of a client or project can be extracted during a specified period
A report on the types of payment (bank, check, cash) with a choice of period from to, or the name of a customer, project or building
A combined report on the projects and their locations based on the entry in the data of each project
A project report with the names of the sales representatives in each project
Detailed account statement for the customer with the paid and the remaining

Securing access to the program with passwords to protect the data, and the program also allows specifying special powers for each of its users.
Ease of entry and ease of handling the system.
Linking all branches of the program to each other and the extreme accuracy in the immediate direct impact on them.
The effect is done automatically in all branches and accounts as soon as one process input is entered.
Print the program for all the company's publications.
Giving a variety of warnings such as ((installments due within a period)) (premiums due)).
The possibility of the program to work on all types of internal and external networks, wired and wireless, and to link and monitor all branches.
Any number of users can work on the same program at the same time
The ability to print on any type of printer. s
Detailed different powers for each employee working on the program
Extracting a large number of reports that include all aspects of the system and cover all the needs of workers on programs and decision makers in the institution

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